Women of Prayer

Chosen by God

We are called to follow Jesus Christ in a life of prayer – an unceasing heart-to-heart dialogue with Our Beloved.

Called to a Spousal union

We have chosen to live a cloistered life so as to give ourselves fully to Christ, our Spouse. The monastery is a place of liberation, a complete abandonment of ourselves to God, safeguarded by Papal Enclosure which assures silence, peace, serenity, harmony, and calm.

Called to Prophetic witness

Our spousal union with Christ anticipates the heavenly reality experienced in the heart of the Holy Trinity. The grill points to and reminds us of the all encompassing and transcendent reality of God. The grill separates concretely the sacred from the profane marking the point where we encounter the sacred in our lives. Daily we consecrate all of our activities to God as consecrated women we live for God only.

The ultimate reality is not visible in this world.

Vocations - Joyful Sister Creating Art

A Life of Sanctification


Living in the midst of the Abbey church and cloister, the searcher of God is fashioned into God’s likeness, cooperating with Him in His work of salvation, giving Him everlasting praise and glory, waiting in hope to contemplate Him eternally in face to face love, with all the angels and saints as His Beauty and Goodness, His Kindness and Loving Generosity, His Richness in Mercy and Forgiveness are perceived…

We await the glorious coming of Christ.

Listening to God


Is God Our Father, calling me to live a hidden life with His Beloved Son Jesus Christ? Is Christ inviting me to be transformed in Him by His Love as His spouse? Would I like to become mother spiritually for all children of God thereby giving voice to the needs of all humanity and creation? Do I desire a life of simplicity, joy and peace? Is there an undying passion burning in my heart for God? Do I desire to live in union with God in the Heart of Our Holy Mother Church for the good and happiness of all mankind and in a sacrifice of lauds and praise to God?

Vocations - Eucharistic Prayer

What to do next?

“My beloved is mine, and I am His”